Winter Shelter


Our winter shelter is at the heart of what we do.


In 2016, 468 people slept rough in Lambeth, and 373 in Southwark. Sleeping on the streets is so tough during the summer, that it’s hard to fully imagine during the cold of the winter. 30 or so churches in Southwark and Lambeth, who lend us their church or community halls for one night a week.

  • Around 1,000 amazing volunteers, from the churches and all other walks of life

  • To offer 35 homeless people a warm bed for the night

  • From November to April

  • We cook and eat dinner and breakfast together with our guests

  • We share cheer and board games and human warmth

  • With our guests we form a safe and encouraging temporary family, through the chill of the winter, with endless compassion and companionship

  • And we do all we can to help our guests rebuild their lives, through specialist advice and support



A small charity, packing a big punch

In the winter of 2016-17 we have run two shelters simultaneously each night for the first time, helping more homeless people than ever before:



“My son and I found ourselves homeless just before Christmas. We began sleeping at Robes warm night shelters. They would give us clothing, dine, talk and even play board games. They showed us such warmth and genuineness.”

— Robes guest

  • 4,760 bed spaces

  • 9,130 hot meals

  • COUNTLESS cups of tea and coffee

  • A warm welcome for 75 guests, of all different stripes:

    • 20% of our guests were women, 80% were male guests

    • roughly 1/3 came from the UK, the EU, and outside the EU each

    • Our oldest guest was 60 years old, our youngest 18