Wednesday Club


A safe place for Robes guests to meet, eat and find advice.


The Wednesday Club is open to anyone who has stayed in a Robes Project night shelter.

We are based in Elephant & Castle between 11am and 3pm. We come together to cook and share a meal and to enjoy each others company in a relaxed atmosphere.

We have computers to check social media, look for jobs or play music. We have a shower and a healthy supply of body scrubs and shampoos.  We love playing table tennis, watching films or simply enjoying a good conversation.

Wednesday Club.jpg

To all members of the Robes family:
Come if you want to sit for a while in a place that is warm and free from intrusion.
Come if you want good, hot food and people to share it with.
Come if you want to practice your English.
Come if you want to cook, in a professional kitchen with volunteers to help.
Come if you think you can beat me at table tennis.
Come if you want to find a place to stay, or work or learn.
Or, if none of the above, just come anyway and see what else there is.



“I am 18 years old, and last year I helped Robes with the Wednesday Club. It’s a place where all guests of Robes can go for a few hours of distraction in the middle of the day.”

— wednesday club volunteer