Refer a homeless person


We can only accept referrals from the day centres we work with, but if you're concerned about someone who’s homeless there are several things you can do.



How to refer a homeless person

We always recommend that people visit a local day centre and speak to an advice worker in person in order to explore the best way forward and discuss a potential referral to Robes. Please note that you cannot refer a homeless person to us directly and it is very unlikely that we can offer someone a place on the same day.



What to do if you’re concerned with a rough sleeper

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough tonight you can contact Street Link by phone (0300 500 0914) or online. They will arrange for the local outreach team to come and visit the rough sleeper.  They will also give them advice and support, and may be able to get them into temporary accommodation. Street Link can ONLY help people who are sleeping rough tonight.



Other sources of help

If you would like to look at other options or you are based outside of South London, the following resources might help:

Pavement magazine gives info about a range of day centres, soup kitchens, advice services and night shelters across London and England.

The Shelter helpline gives over the phone advice if you are homeless or risk losing your home.

Your local council may also be able to help the homeless person, but often they need to meet specific criteria to be eligible. You can find out more from your local authority.



Info for organisations supporting homeless people

If you are local organisation supporting someone who is homeless, and would like to make a one-off referral, please advise the person to contact one of the day centres we work with. If you would like to find out more about becoming a referral agency, please get in touch.

If you are one of our currently active day centre partners, you can refer someone to us by logging in to the Apricot Database and submitting an online form. We no longer accept referrals on paper or in email.

If you need help using the online system, contact your manager or lead Robes contact in your organisation or get in touch with us.