Daisy is in the middle

Daisy is in the middle


Daisy Christodoulou is one of our fabulous volunteers, she is running the London Marathon this year. Daisy is raising funds for Robes Project and so far she has raised an amazing £575, her target is £1450. Please help us to help her reach her target, you can do this by clicking on the following link and supporting her: Thanks so much.

Southwark Cathedral, where the SleepOut takes place

Southwark Cathedral, where the SleepOut takes place


Why not register now for SleepOut 2019 click on the following link: See you there!

SleepOut 2018 Update

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Robes ‘SleepOut 2018’.  The ‘SleepOut’ has raised £88682.  Thank you to everyone for all your amazing efforts!

An awesome Robes guest

An awesome Robes guest


Trying to understand how to apply for a passport from the Romanian Consulate using google translate, is like trying to understand poor instructions on how to set the latest computerised alarm clock, all which has just arrived from China.

Enlisting the help of another guest who knows his way around the officialdom of his consulate, he managed to set up an appointment by personally visiting the consulate near Holland Park, with the applicant in tow, and speaking personally with a contact he knew upstairs. As a result, an appointment was set for a few days in advance, and it was left to me to return early one evening with the hopeful guest and make the application.

When we presented at reception, we were told the appointment was not until July 23 and I was reminded of today’s date in the month of March. My repost was that I was fully aware of todays date in March but that I had a piece of plain paper in my pocket with a mans name on it and that I was to insist to speak with the man upstairs.

She took the paper, told us to stand over there, and turned on her heels to disappear upstairs. Five minutes later she returned and beckoned us with her hand to go upstairs. We emerged onto a landing which was also a waiting room, where children were scrambling about while some supervising adults looked on. Moving through into the chamber next door, there was a busy scene of people being finger printed and photographed. My non-English speaking guest was immediately approached with a nod towards me, “who is he?” to which he simply said “Robes”

In short, his application was completed and paid for, and he was issued with a receipt saying that his new passport will be ready in two weeks. The guest was elated and feels more secure about prospects for continuing in the UK, which he hopes to get as soon as he passes his CSIS training for construction. In simple words his goals are: Passport, Job, Money, Room.

Why not donate to robes and continue this amazing work:

Volunteer and guest socialising

Volunteer and guest socialising


Supported to apply for a grant 3 guests
Universal Credit Applications 2
Immigration letters 2 guests helped
Personal clothing, things for work 2 guests helped
National Insurance Number, identification secured for 1 guest
Helped to find employment 1 guest
Referred to get support with their health 2 guests

Cooking at Wednesday club

Cooking at Wednesday club


The Wednesday Club continues to be a safe place for shelter guests to meet with one another. We are now increasingly becoming a meeting spot for ex-shelter guests.

We have taken on some new volunteers to help with the higher numbers of guests.

More than ever we are aiming to ensure that everything we do is led by guest experience and feedback.

So, as the shelters come to close, the function of the club may shift a little depending on attendance over the summer.

We aim to remain as flexible and open minded as we can be during this transitionary period.

However while the lives of many of our guests will change in the coming weeks, the Wednesday Club will continue to provide a touch of stability to those in need of it.



Robes is looking for several volunteers, who we can prepare for the next shelter season. You would support guests when they have important appointments, if you are interested please contact:

Marc Mora new Robes Advice Worker

Marc Mora new Robes Advice Worker


Marc is our newest incorporation and will help Crispin as part of Robes’ Shelter Advisory team. He finished his studies in Criminology and holds experience in the field of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. He is a people person and well travelled, he is also able to communicate in more than four languages. In his youth he volunteered in his local Church community as Summer camp Instructor for young people who were at risk of being socially excluded.



Thanks giving service to be held at St Peters Walworth, on Sunday April 14th at 5pm, all welcome.



Please continue to support Robes Project and the invaluable work the community is doing to empower and support the homeless:

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