SleepOut 2018 raised an amazing £88,682, thanks to all of Robes committed volunteers and supporters. Don’t miss out on engaging your work colleagues, Church friends and family to get involved in Robes Project SleepOut 2019. People and teams are already signed up, the SleepOut will be at Southwark Cathedral, on Friday November 29th.

Click on the link to register:

Thank you so much


One of Robes Amazing Former Guests

One of Robes Amazing Former Guests

Robes has created a new opportunity where you can donate towards the practical needs of current homeless people in Robes Project. Please click on the link to find out out more:

Here are just some of the ways your donations are helping our guests:

£15 will buy a mobile phone top up to ensure a guest can keep in touch with their support network and access essential services

£21.20 buys a weekly bus pass to help a guest get around the shelters and to essential appointments

£35 will buy a pair of safety boots which are essential for some guests to access employment


Marion Marples

Marion Marples

Marion Marples was one of the key players from 2005 – 2007 in getting agreement for Churches in Southwark and Lambeth to operate a winter night shelter. This led to the founding of the Robes winter night shelter for rough sleepers. When others took up the task of making the night shelter a reality, she remained a committed supporter.

Sadly, Marion has died suddenly outside of her home in Long Lane. The funeral was held on May 29th, 2019 at Southwark Cathedral, Marion took a great interest in Robes and always enquired how it was progressing and gave then Charity her support. As part of her mission as Pastoral worker at the Cathedral and her commitment to social justice in the dioceses.

The family decided that at the funeral service a collection would be made for Robes. And we are very grateful to the family for this. Our deepest sympathy goes to Leigh her husband and James her son.

May Marion rest in peace.


Wednesday Club Volunteers

Wednesday Club Volunteers

Robes Project Wednesday Club is going strong, we have between 10 - 22 guests each week who come to:
Good meal
To socialise

If you would like to help and be more active in your local community, then the Wednesday Club could be for you.

Robes Project is looking for 3 more venues where we could hold the Wednesday Club each a month.

We are ideally looking for:
1. Venues close to Elephant and Castle
2. Access to showers or a solution to access showers
3. Enough space for 20 guests to eat together
4. Small team of volunteers to help cook, buy food, set up the venue and put things away

If you are interested please contact Marc Mora:


Former Guest now Wednesday Club Volunteer

Former Guest now Wednesday Club Volunteer

Robes Project is Monitored and Evaluated in many ways, this is embedded into the daily work as well as a time of reflection and discussion.

Key ways we monitor the work:
1. Weekly staff meetings and case updates
2. Fortnightly reports to our board of Trustees
3. Six weekly Trustee meetings all year round
4. These e-newsletters that are sent out to our volunteers and supporters
5. Reports to donors
6. Quarterly held team days when we review all areas of the work
7. Bi-annual Quality Mark from ‘Housing Justice’
8. Independent Examination for Charity Commission
9. Robes Project Annual Report

All of the above helps us to collect learning and discuss best practise, so that we can improve on the work we are doing.

1. Set up SleepOut 2019 online earlier so people can register and fund raise.
2. To plan our social media platforms one year in advance .
3. To open up Wednesday Club to other Churches and use to help train volunteers how to more
effectively work with homeless people in their communities.
4. Pilot summer volunteer training for those who want it in, first aid and mental health first aid, so guests
can be better helped and volunteers better prepared.
5. Broaden Robes fundraising activities, now have Guest Welfare page on our website where you can
donate to practically helping the homeless.
6. To give our shelters more ownership of the shelter this we are doing by asking and allowing shelters
who can store beds and bedding, ask local supermarkets and business for food donations and as
mentioned above more training for volunteers who would like it.


Wednesday Club Volunteers

Wednesday Club Volunteers

All of Robes winter shelters are now closed and we would like to say a big thank you, to all our wonderful team leaders and volunteers who have enabled Robes Project, to happen this past shelter season.


To all our shelter venues, a reminder that we need to know your preferences on dates for next season ASAP. We will try our very best to give you your first choice but with 30 venues to arrange this is not always possible. If you are planning on hosting our shelters again next year and have not already done so, please fill in the form by clicking on the link below:


Thank you event and AGM to be held, end of September, please watch this space for the exact date and venue.


Robes has been blessed by Bates Launderers helping us to clean all of our guests bedding. Amazing. Thanks


Please continue to support Robes Project and the invaluable work the community is doing to empower and support the homeless:

Robes Project
The Cooperative Bank
Account number: 65842999
Sort Code: 08 92 99


Daisy is in the middle

Daisy is in the middle


Daisy Christodoulou is one of our fabulous volunteers, she is running the London Marathon this year. Daisy is raising funds for Robes Project and so far she has raised an amazing £575, her target is £1450. Please help us to help her reach her target, you can do this by clicking on the following link and supporting her: Thanks so much.

Southwark Cathedral, where the SleepOut takes place

Southwark Cathedral, where the SleepOut takes place


Why not register now for SleepOut 2019 click on the following link: See you there!

SleepOut 2018 Update

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Robes ‘SleepOut 2018’.  The ‘SleepOut’ has raised £88682.  Thank you to everyone for all your amazing efforts!

An awesome Robes guest

An awesome Robes guest


Trying to understand how to apply for a passport from the Romanian Consulate using google translate, is like trying to understand poor instructions on how to set the latest computerised alarm clock, all which has just arrived from China.

Enlisting the help of another guest who knows his way around the officialdom of his consulate, he managed to set up an appointment by personally visiting the consulate near Holland Park, with the applicant in tow, and speaking personally with a contact he knew upstairs. As a result, an appointment was set for a few days in advance, and it was left to me to return early one evening with the hopeful guest and make the application.

When we presented at reception, we were told the appointment was not until July 23 and I was reminded of today’s date in the month of March. My repost was that I was fully aware of todays date in March but that I had a piece of plain paper in my pocket with a mans name on it and that I was to insist to speak with the man upstairs.

She took the paper, told us to stand over there, and turned on her heels to disappear upstairs. Five minutes later she returned and beckoned us with her hand to go upstairs. We emerged onto a landing which was also a waiting room, where children were scrambling about while some supervising adults looked on. Moving through into the chamber next door, there was a busy scene of people being finger printed and photographed. My non-English speaking guest was immediately approached with a nod towards me, “who is he?” to which he simply said “Robes”

In short, his application was completed and paid for, and he was issued with a receipt saying that his new passport will be ready in two weeks. The guest was elated and feels more secure about prospects for continuing in the UK, which he hopes to get as soon as he passes his CSIS training for construction. In simple words his goals are: Passport, Job, Money, Room.

Why not donate to robes and continue this amazing work:

Volunteer and guest socialising

Volunteer and guest socialising


Supported to apply for a grant 3 guests
Universal Credit Applications 2
Immigration letters 2 guests helped
Personal clothing, things for work 2 guests helped
National Insurance Number, identification secured for 1 guest
Helped to find employment 1 guest
Referred to get support with their health 2 guests

Cooking at Wednesday club

Cooking at Wednesday club


The Wednesday Club continues to be a safe place for shelter guests to meet with one another. We are now increasingly becoming a meeting spot for ex-shelter guests.

We have taken on some new volunteers to help with the higher numbers of guests.

More than ever we are aiming to ensure that everything we do is led by guest experience and feedback.

So, as the shelters come to close, the function of the club may shift a little depending on attendance over the summer.

We aim to remain as flexible and open minded as we can be during this transitionary period.

However while the lives of many of our guests will change in the coming weeks, the Wednesday Club will continue to provide a touch of stability to those in need of it.



Robes is looking for several volunteers, who we can prepare for the next shelter season. You would support guests when they have important appointments, if you are interested please contact:

Marc Mora new Robes Advice Worker

Marc Mora new Robes Advice Worker


Marc is our newest incorporation and will help Crispin as part of Robes’ Shelter Advisory team. He finished his studies in Criminology and holds experience in the field of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. He is a people person and well travelled, he is also able to communicate in more than four languages. In his youth he volunteered in his local Church community as Summer camp Instructor for young people who were at risk of being socially excluded.



Thanks giving service to be held at St Peters Walworth, on Sunday April 14th at 5pm, all welcome.



Please continue to support Robes Project and the invaluable work the community is doing to empower and support the homeless:

Robes Project
The Cooperative Bank
Account number: 65842999
Sort Code: 08 92 99

Robes January Update 2019

Shelter Update
Because of the wonderful commitement of all Robes partnering Churches, volunteers and other centres, the Robes Project has given shelter to more than 80 guests so far.  We have had full house of 35 guests most of the time.

There are many great results and progressive steps some of these are:

Currently in employment 16
Private rented accommodation 10
Help with applying for ID 5
Training 1
Shoes for Guest working towards employment
There are many more amazing results we will share in our next update

Sleepout Update 2018
Thank you to every single supporter of the 2018 SleepOut,  so far we have raised £68,647 has been raised so far.

Robes Project would like to visit as many churches and congregations to thank and update them about the work:
Robes would like to offer a short talk to all the churches that host shelters to update the congregations about how things are going and to thank you for all your support and involvement.  If you would like a talk in your church could you please contact Nicholas Faraday:

Guest Success Stories
Just after Christmas we were able to house one of the first guests who was in ‘Robes Project’ this was in November. His recovery from homelessness is just beginning. He came to the UK 30 years ago after an entrepreneurial countryman spotted his craft skills in shoemaking. He promised the young man’s mother that her son would have a bright future if she agreed to let him make designer shoes for him in the UK.

Consequently he arranged for travel and border entry and provided him with the means to work in the UK. Many celebrities were among the clientele and the entrepreneur made a big name for himself. After many years the business was sold the entrepreneur moved on, leaving his protégé stranded.

It was extraordinary that this man never learned English, leading us to assume that he did not understand how the dependence the employer had nurtured in him had left him ill prepared for the future.

Now, 30 years on, both his parents have passed on and he is too ashamed to return to his country to face younger brothers and sisters who held high hopes for him.

So, home is now a hostel and he is going to regular English Classes to learn English at last and when he is not at an English class, he is “job seeking” work in the capital as a kitchen porter.

As for his former vocation, he says all he needs is one or two designer commissions.

If I could wave a magic wand it would be to find a celebrity who would commission and model a pair of his designer shoes from him. With a bit of social media exposure and hash tags in the right circles, who knows, he could be a big hit?

In Remembrance
Friends of Robes will fondly remember Les Acklam who recently died after a period of poor health. As a team leader at St Johns Waterloo he encouraged volunteers from other faiths and walks of life to join his team to run a night shelter. Guests appreciated his warmth and friendliness at St Johns Waterloo, helping to bring a bit of levity during the bleakest times of the year.

During summer months, Les helped Robes in the early days of setting up the weekly Wednesday Lunch Club which now runs all year round. He regularly visited the old venue at Crossway United Reformed Church (now demolished) spending time with guests in the centre and going on the planned outings such as the first outing to visit the Sky Garden.

There will be a funeral service for Les Acklam on Wednesday 13th February at 2pm at St Oswald’s Church Norbury to which all are welcome. This will be followed by a private service for family only.

A Big Thank You
A Big Thank You to Peter, the Pastor of Crossway United Reform Churhc for partnering with Robes and providing a great place for the Wednesday club.

I came in this morning and received your greetings, thank you so much for your good wishes and kindness.  I know that the Grantham Church where I am going has a relationship with the local homeless project so I hope to continue my support for the work moving forward.

Every blessing to you all
Peter, Crossway

The Robes Project will continue to partner with the United Reform Church and its congregation on this project.

Request for Office Volunteers
Robes is looking for 2 volunteers who would like to come into the office 2 days a month to help with various things these range from:
Working with social media
Helping to sort out the Robes Storage Cupboards
Basic admin duties
First Aid Packs
Toiletry Packs
Helping with planning small events
If you would like to get involved please contact:

Please continue to support Robes Project and the invaluable work the community is doing to empower and support the homeless by clicking here or
Robes Project
The Cooperative Bank
Account number: 65842999
Sort Code: 08 92 99