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Join over 150 amazing volunteers for this year’s SleepOut at Southwark Cathedral. Sleep outdoors to raise money for Robes’ winter night shelter so we can continue to offer London’s homeless warm beds in the harshest months.


Running, bake sales, or remembering someone special?

There are so many ways you can help. Are you doing something active? Why not set up a Robes sponsorship page for your run, triathlon, or mudfest? Or, give the gift of a warm bed for your birthday? We know that helping the homeless is close to many people’s hearts. Set up a Robes donation page in memory of someone special.

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Carol Singing

Each December we liven up London Bridge Station with some festive carol singing. It doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not, keep an eye on this page and our newsletter for more information on how to join in and help collect the donations.


helping you help us

Use our resources to help your challenge go with a bang. Click on the button below to view all our downloads.





Sign up as a volunteer today

Are you ready to smile, cook and chat? Or to mentor, befriend, organise or promote? This is your chance to enjoy some winter warmth with South London’s homeless, bringing extra cheer to their lives and yours. It’s volunteers like you who make our work with the homeless possible. Last winter more than 500 people donated their time and skills to the project.

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Sign up to our volunteer newsletters

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Become a Robes member

Robes is run by its members. Members have no financial commitment or liability, but all can have a say in the direction of Robes. We have two types of memberships:

  • Ordinary membership (no voting rights) is open to any member of the public who would like to show their support of the Robes Project

  • Voting membership is open to those who have volunteered with the Robes project and/or those who have been invited to apply to be a voting member by the trustees.



“One of the best things about Robes were the friendly volunteers at all the venues, all willing to help!”

— RObes guest



Help in our night shelters

In our night shelter, from November to April, you can join us to:

  • Welcome guests

  • Prepare drinks

  • Socialise

  • Cook or serve dinner

  • Stay overnight

  • Wash laundry

  • Cook breakfast

People who volunteer in our night shelter tend to really enjoy it. So we apologise in advance if all the times you are available are already booked up.
If we’re not able to offer you a spot helping in our night shelter, please don’t forget that there are lots of other ways that you can make a contribution…



Other ways you can help

Together we can make a real difference. Your time and skills can help to enable an ordinary person who has fallen into homelessness, to get back on their feet.
You can:

  • Cook and chat at our Wednesday Club

  • Join and support a homeless guest as they go to appointments or flat viewings (if you are available at least one work day per week)

  • Organise and attend fundraising activities and events

  • Cut hair, run an art club or share other skills with us

  • Help us in our office

  • Help promote us (if you have publicity or media skills)