Buy an essential item for our homeless guests

The guests that stay in our shelters often need items which are essential for moving on from their current situation. Here's how you can help with this life-changing work*:

  • £15 will buy a mobile phone top up to ensure a guest can keep in touch with their support network and access essential services.

  • £21.20 buys a weekly bus pass to help a guest get around the shelters and to essential appointments.

  • £35 will buy a pair of safety boots which are essential for some guests to access employment.

  • £50 will buy a set of work clothes for guests starting new employment

  • £80 will pay for a passport application, providing ID which is essential for employment, bank accounts and access to benefits.

  • £120 will cover a 7 night hostel stay for guests needing transitional support when leaving the shelter.

  • £150 will pay for a new home starter pack including essentials such as kettle, kitchenware and bedding.

  • £400 will cover a rent deposit for guests needing to access low cost private accommodation.

*Your donation to this campaign will only be used for direct and specific guest welfare needs, which includes but is not limited to the list above.