Robes winter shelter

In 2016, 468 people slept rough in Lambeth, and 373 in Southwark.

Sleeping on the streets is so tough during the summer, that it’s hard to fully imagine during the cold of the winter.

“This offer of a temporary roof over my head was a turning point in my life and the beginning of my re integration into society.”

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35 warm beds, all winter long

Our winter night shelter stands at the heart of everything we do here at Robes. We bring together:

“These past three months were very good for me, and I already miss the people – they were like my family.”

Robes guest

A small charity, packing a big punch

In the winter of 2016-17 we have run two shelters simultaneously each night for the first time, helping more homeless people than ever before:

“My son and I found ourselves homeless just before Christmas.  We began sleeping at Robes warm night shelters.  They would give us clothing, dine, talk and even play board games with us and they did this with such warmth and genuineness that some of my negative thoughts disintegrated.

I found their service and kindness overwhelming at times. I will be forever grateful. My son and I found accommodation because of Robes and I am still in contact with them.”  

Robes guest – click here to read more of his story

COUNTLESS cups of tea and coffee

Last winter we provided:

  • 4,760 bed spaces
  • 9,130 hot meals
  • COUNTLESS cups of tea and coffee
  • A warm welcome for 75 guests, of all different stripes:
    • 20% of our guests were women, 80% were male guests
    • roughly 1/3 came from the UK, the EU, and outside the EU each
    • Our oldest guest was 60 years old, our youngest 18


Get involved

You can give the gift of warmth this winter.  Please volunteer, donate or fundraise. And do join our mailing list and like us on Facebook to keep in touch with our news, updates and success stories.

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10 Years of Robes Shelters

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The last year in numbers

Our 2016/17 shelter season has just come to an end, and we can safely say it’s been a big year for Robes! From running two shelters simultaneously for the first time and increasing our number of guests to 35 each night, to running the Wednesday Club, our weekly...

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