“If asked to sum up my experience with Robes in one word, I would say ‘lifesavers.’”

David, Robes guest

By the end of June 2016 close to three quarters of those who engaged with our support the previous winter had achieved a positive outcome:

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Where did they go?

Our guests moved into various types of accommodation.
This year there was significantly less social and specialist housing available.
More of our guests moved into the private rented sector – some of which has been provided through our new initiative Inn from the Cold.

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Who were they?

David“If asked to sum up my experience with Robes in one word, I would say ‘lifesavers.’”

Thankfully there is a bit more space for me to explain.

September last year I found myself homeless having been evicted from supported housing because I turned down two properties offered (with good reason, but that is another story).


I had lost my will and any strength to cope especially while rough sleeping. I wasn’t getting the help I needed through the expected services, council and outreach team, but thankfully I went to Ace of Clubs who referred me to the Robes Project.


Regardless of how my days were I knew I had somewhere to sleep and eat every night at Robes and soon started to get a bit of my positive strength back.


Although Robes Night Shelter ended in March I continued to receive support, even now in June. On the 25th May I moved into a Metropolitan Housing property (amazing 1 bedroom flat) in Balham.


And already it has had a hugely positive effect on me. I am doing a bicycle maintenance city course and once completed, I will have the skills and certificate to start looking for work again and really want to do as much volunteering in the community as possible.


Thanks to all the Robes volunteers that have shown me kindness – be assured I will continue to pass it on. There is a huge gap in the support offered by councils – thankfully there is Robes and Ace of Clubs helping to fill these gaps and giving people support.”


David, Robes guest

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