Let your property with Inn from the Cold


IFTC web snapshotAre you a landlord with an affordable property in Greater London?

With Inn from the Cold you can enjoy:

  • Cost free letting, with no hidden charges
  • A simple, hassle free process
  • Peace of mind from well-screened tenants
  • Ongoing reassurance from working with reputable charity partners
  • Access to good tenants who are excluded from the system (such as people on council waiting lists but with low priority)

Helping ordinary people in hard times to turn their lives around

Inn from the Cold is a joint project of the Manna Society and the Robes Project.  We support ordinary people who have become homeless, in getting back into permanent accommodation.

To start letting your flat for free, visit Inn from the Cold.


You can help someone who has been temporarily homeless to get back on their feet.

For example, you can join and support them as they go to view the flat that may become their future home.

Read more about how to volunteer.

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