It’s very rare that someone seeks out the experience of homelessness.
It’s usually something that happens TO you, while, like everyone else, you’re trying to get on with your life.
Here is the story of two of our guests.

A warm bed for Christmas

“My son and I found ourselves homeless just before Christmas.
With this misfortune came some good fortune. That is, we were introduced, interviewed, and accepted into the Robes Project.
If this had not happened, we would of had a harsh Christmas on the cold streets of London.
Through Robes we were admitted to a Crisis at Christmas centre, where we were given the basic necessities and more. When our time ended at Crisis we began sleeping at Robes warm night shelters.
By warm I mean literally and figuratively. I was surprised by all the volunteers.”

Robes guest

I didn’t feel like a burden

“They would give us clothing, dine, talk and even play board games with us and they did this with such warmth and genuineness that some of my negative thoughts disintegrated.
I didn’t feel like a burden.
My son and I were with the Robes Project for several months, leaving just before the night shelters closed.
The volunteers went above and beyond to help us, especially to find accommodation (which was my main concern), spending hours just calling housing agencies, speaking to landlords on my behalf and actually visiting properties.
I found their service and kindness overwhelming at times. I will be forever grateful. My son and I found accommodation because of Robes and I am still in contact with them.”

Robes guest

Get involved

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