From November to April, around 30 churches in Lambeth and Southwark provide us with two venues every night for our night shelter for the homeless.

Together we provide a warm bed for 35 homeless people every night.

And volunteers from those congregations join us to cook and chat with our guests.

Are these volunteers hoping to receive their rewards in heaven?

Well maybe!  But there are plenty of rewards to be had here on earth too.

When you give a little time, it can be surprising what you receive in return.

A volunteer’s story

“I volunteer for Robes by cooking for the guests at Peckham Methodist Church. Peckham always hosts during the run up to Christmas which, as a church employee, is the busiest time of year for me.


Every time I cook I feel stressed by the extra demand on my time, but each time we serve up a good, home-cooked meal to the guests and I see how much they appreciate the food and the camaraderie they share I know it’s really worth it.


My favourite part of volunteering is getting to know the guests and sharing a laugh and a joke with them. When you see the same faces each week you get to know who you can tease about having thirds, who will try to sneak an extra pudding and who can be relied upon to give a hand peeling a few extra potatoes.


All of those interactions help to make Robes a place that is not just about serving guests but about welcoming friends.”


Robes volunteer

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