For the second year running Robes offered some guests the opportunity to get away from London for a short stay with the Scargill Community. Scargill House is a home to a Christian community who welcome people for holidays, conferences and retreats in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales.  In recent years Housing Justice has been instrumental in arranging short stays with the community for winter shelter guests and volunteers following the closure of church winter shelters.

Artwork created by Robes guests at Scargill

This year Robes arranged for recent shelter guests who were of no fixed address should be considered foremost for this opportunity and five people who have been engaging with the Wednesday Club took up the offer of a trip to Scargill.

The Scargill experience is not just about having a holiday. In line with the community motto that “lives shared are lives transformed” it allowed Housing Justice to run a daily programme that offered everyone the opportunity to participate in a range of activities. From discussions on the topic of homelessness, to writing and art workshops on the theme of “less alone and more alive”. With a selection of thought provoking DVD’s to watch, there was always something for everyone to participate in. There were extra options of an organised walk in the Dales and a visit to tour a cheese factory. As luck would have it we experienced dry warm weather during our three day stay in the Yorkshire Dales when the countryside was about to blossom from Spring to Summer. As if to crown this spirit of optimism, we received news as we were travelling back to London that one of our guests had been accepted for a place in a shelter and did not have to return to sleeping rough in London that night.