Robes patron Bishop Christopher Chessun spoke at the second reading debate of the Homelessness Reduction Bill at the House of Lords on Friday 24th February. He expressed his support of the bill and the important role of local volunteer based charities, such as Robes, in preventing and alleviating homelessness. Watch the debate here (or jump to 11:01 am to listen to Bishop Christopher).

Homeless people in England can be turned away with little or no help by councils if they are not considered a ‘priority’ even though they have nowhere else to stay. Many of them end up sleeping rough and some eventually receive support through Robes or other charities. How much better would it be if they got the help needed straight away! The bill aims to change this.

Crisis wrote today:

“If the bill becomes law it will mark the biggest change in 40 years to the help that homeless people in England get from local councils. It has already been supported by MPs from across the House of Commons, so it is great to see the positive reception it has had in the Lords.

Peers described the bill as “historic” and “groundbreaking”, and one told of how she had received a letter from a young boy asking her to support the bill “because of the appalling number of innocent people living on our dusty streets”. They voted unanimously for it to pass second reading.”

You can find out more about the bill and how to support it on the Crisis website