That’s right. Over the winter of 2016/17 around 1,000 volunteers helped to turn our night shelter into reality!

We were humbled by the numbers, and of course, curious to find out a little bit more about all of these amazing people.

“Just an absolute pleasure to work with such a dedicated and kind team of volunteers, and a privilege to get to know the guests, every one of whom deserves the best life has to offer.”

Robes Volunteer

So we asked some questions and we learnt that:

  • On average, our volunteers gave up 17 hours of their time over the course of the winter, ranging from 1 to a staggering 180!
  • The vast majority found their team leaders to be extremely supportive
  • 95% rated their overall experience with Robes excellent or very good
  • 97.5% said that they are likely to volunteer again

We also found out that

  • Our team leaders spent an average 10 hours a week volunteering for Robes during the shelter season. Amazing!
  • As expected, all the teams looked for volunteers through their church, but about half also advertised within the local community and many used social media too!

I  was overall surprised by all the different people from all different walks of life.  And I  loved all the kindness of everyone.


Robes Volunteers

(Data based on questionnaires filled out by 132 volunteers. Word cloud created from the words volunteers used to describe their experience of Robes)